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Designing an outdoor space requires careful planning. Start now to begin the work in the spring and fully enjoy your new outdoor areas when the beautiful summer days arrive. Trust our expertise to enhance the appearance of your property. We will establish an action plan that meets your desires, needs, and budget. Thank you for considering us for your future projects.

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Landscape Designer

We guarantee you a quality landscaping that will respect the standards and techniques in landscaping. All our resources allow us to be on the lookout for the newest trends in landscaping design. Nothing is impossible with our specialized equipment

Get the landscaping of your dreams

Our desire is to serve well our customers, which is why we are constantly improving our landscaping solutions.


Concept & Design

Design is the first step in creating your dream garden. Develop the full potential of your property with the landscaping expertise of Daniel Beaudoin Paysagiste.

Relax in the sun in your newly transformed backyard, nothing beats a beautiful terrace arranged according to your tastes and needs! Whether your space is small or large, Daniel Beaudoin Paysagiste is committed to enhance its beauty, while respecting your budget.

We will offer you the best possible plan to make the most of your space, with the greatest respect for the environment.


Paving & Drainage

Our experienced team ensures a quality paving stone job and maximum durability.

Problem of drainage and water infiltration: Many residences are facing drainage issues on their properties. Specializing in landscaping, Daniel Beaudoin Paysagiste is also an expert in drainage. We can help you find a solution to your water infiltration problems (around the foundation, runoff, gutter outlet). Proper leveling, following recommended levels, often solves the problem. If not, drain trenches at the front or back may be necessary. First, we conduct a diagnostic of your property, then we plan a drainage system, and finally, we intervene to address water infiltration issues in homes or on construction sites.


Our Landscaping Services

Excavation & Mini-Excavation – Conception & Aménagement complet - Remplacement de Pelouse - Élargissement de votre entré de stationnement -  Excavation et transport or du site des rebut excaver & préparation granulaire  de fondation : Garage , Cabanon, Patio , Spas ,Trottoirs etc.

       Pavé uni – Bordure - Muret soutien & décoratif - Escalier & Marche Modulaire  –  Recouvrement de perron & galerie - Plate bande muret & bordure - Combinaison Pavé Uni & Asphaltes

 Design & Evaluation of a drainage system plan for the topography and characteristic of your property to correct infiltration problems and redirect negative slope, surface water, runoff, and gutter drainage. Installation or replacement of a rain screen in front of the garage door or other.

    Repair of your existing layout, correct any subsidence and straighten existing ground, Paving stone, Wall & Step - Re Sandblasting of paver joint - Paving stone sealer


Outdoor lighting - Irrigation

Flower bed Design - Asphalt Paving - Modular Staircase

  Equipment & operator rental: Excavator, petrol wheelbarrow, tools, dump truck, trailer -

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Why hire a Professional landscaper?


Trust our expertise in landscaping to enhance the landscape of your property! We will be able to establish a landscaping action plan that suits your desires, needs, and budget.

Allow us to propose a layout for the space you have available.


Daniel Beaudoin   Ornemental landscaper

piscine paysagement daniel beaudoin escalier en pierre beton paillie fleur et arbuste
terrace with underground pool and paving stone with surrounding retaining wall

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