Here are some of our landscaping achievements

Residential landscaping

In this portfolio of landscaping achievements, you will find some of our installations of paving stone, pool surrounds, terraces, low walls with floral arrangements, installation of fountains with artificial pond, mini-excavation and more. Here are a few of our accomplishments that will show you the kind of project we have already handled. Contact us now to discuss your own project.


aménagement paysager daniel beaudoin paysigasite horticulture
pave_uni paysagement daniel beaudoin 30 ans experience mini_excavation
terrasse pave_uni installation paysagement daniel beaudoin mini_excavation
amenagement paysager daniel beaudoin horticulture paysagiste depuis 30 ans
pave_uni mini_excavation terrasse paysagement daniel beaudoin
etang artificiel amenagement paysager minis_excavation 30 ans experience
Trottoir de pave-uni et pelouse
Palier d'escalier

Here's a few residential landscaping jobs we've done!

installation pavé-uni contour piscine amenagement paysager paysagement daniel beaudoin

Terrace arrangement for swimming pool

Plain paving stone pool surrounds are among the most popular landscaping options. We build your terrace to measure and accompany you in the conception of a personalized design and the choice of the stone which will suit you best.

conception realisation patio amenagement paysager paysagement daniel beaudoin

Patio design

The deck patio is either wood or paving stone, sometimes with a BBQ or deck bench installation. Will be the perfect place to spend your weekends outdoors and share a good beer or have a good time with your family. This is why we attach great importance to the smallest details during the design and its realization in order to respect budget and quality.

entree amenagement pave-uni paysagement daniel beaudoin

Entrance layout in plain paving stone

Plain paving stone driveway is one of the most durable installations in terms of entrance material. The secret lies in a good preparation of the ground before the stone is installed. This way your land will be less subject to movement during the freezing and thawing that winter and spring bring. Another much appreciated point is the ease of maintenance and the colourful look of a plain paving stone driveway, which makes it a sort of style element for your property.

Commercial Landscaping

Over the years we have had several commercial clients for whom we have done landscaping and maintenance work. Here is a list of some of these clients:

  • The Museum of Civilization Corporation du Musé
  • Boulevard des Allumettière, Ministry of Transportation of Quebec
  • Lac Leamy Casino Loto Quebec
  • Hilton du Lac Lemay  Loto Québec
  • Canada Archive Public Works Canada
  • Confederation Blvd. National Capital Commission
  • Floral Program National Capital Commission

Some of our projects

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